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A poem can capture the essence of a thought or emotion that eludes description. While not a poet, these capture a time, a place, a moment.

The sky above casts its shadows below
Upon the earth it dances to and fro
An image for an instance
An image for an eternity

It touches nothing and yet all
It cloaks the earth like a shawl
A warmth of persistence
A warmth of serenity

Each day it shows its hue
A deep and loving blue 

The clouds race bellow
the color so mellow
as if to say
that the day
will hold till we meet.

Am I to dream
as it may seem
upon a cloud
and out loud
until time does fleet?

The image is clear
your visage so dear
it enters my mind
a light to blind
bringing an untold treat.  4/11/97

My mind a clutter
No word to mutter
A swirl of logic blown
dissipating in a whist

The remaining flutter
Snipped by a cutter
No longer shown
Vanished by the mist

I am a tiny little seed
God put me in the ground
And so that I could feed
Put nutrients all around

My parents are the sunshine
Causing me to grow
My teacher is the rain
Teaching me to know

That learning is the reason
And always asking why
Let me bloom in every season
To make the flower that am I  2006-05-08